10 Ways to Get Used to a New Nanny

Perfect Nanny resigns. End. Of. The. World. The children cry. You cry more. Will you ever find someone who knows how to cut the toast like she does? The answer is no. But keep breathing. The kids will live. You on the other hand?



Here's a few lessons we've learned* in 'The Art of New Nanny Adaption'. (*5 nannies in 13 years. Just saying) You're welcome.

1. Get Perfect Nanny to do the second interview. 

You've found a good one. But is she telling the truth about how much she loves cooking, glitter and sand pits? Perfect Nanny will eek it out way better than you ('when it comes to arts and crafts, she's as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike').

2. The first date. 

Oh yes, it'll feel as terrifying and as awkward as introducing them to a new boyfriend. So, play it down and do it on their territory. Invite her for coffee when they are busy playing. Or if you're brave, get her to babysit when you're in the pub next door. AND GET HER TO BRING SWEETS! (#sorrynotsorry).

3. Plan a handover week. 

Not a day. A week. And make it a school week so they can see what your kids are really like In Real Life. New Nanny should shadow until half way through when Perfect Nanny sits back. Watching. And silently laughing.

4. Step One: Easy does it.

For a few weeks, DON'T CHANGE A THING. At least, don't change the basics. Especially breakfast and bedtimes. Opt for the easiest meals you know they'll eat. Don't sweat the small stuff. Keep things calm. Ha. Good luck with that one.

5. Step Two: Let it go.

Turns out routine is more about you than the kids. They're more adaptable than we give them credit for. Not change for change sake. Or continual change. But different can be better. Slowly give New Nanny the power to make the job hers. Yep, back off.

6. Bribery works.

Chocolate buttons for clean plates. Match Attack cards for teeth cleaning and sensible tucking in. Extra screen time for making beds and clearing the table. This works. Fact. Let New Nanny get the brownie points. You get the prosecco. 

7. Feedback.

We live in a 'test-and-learn' world these days, but no one learns unless they get the report back. Feedback. Good or bad. Quickly. Kindly. Nip things in the bud and don't build resentment. It's the same in the office. Just don't be David Brent. 

8. Reset your brief.

Guess what? Children grow! Needs change! And the joy of New Nanny is that your brief to them will be new too. Perfect Nanny was an expert at potty training. New Nanny is an expert at Love Island and French plaits. Bring it on!

9. Never forget.

Your children will tell New Nanny how they love Perfect Nanny more. And that's ok. Because childhood memories are utterly lovely - for them and you. And New Nanny is making more utterly lovely memories, they just don't know it yet. Lucky buggers.

10. When all else fails?

If nanny adaptation is just too hard, forget childcare, give up work and become the perfect stay at home parent. Ok, that was a joke.

GWM juggles three small people, a daily commute and increasingly saggy eyelids.

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