A Piggyback from Daddy is Priceless

Our new blogger Andy shares an important moment of bonding with his baby daughter in his first post



Introducing our new Tinies Blogger

This month we're excited to introduce you to a new Tinies Blogger: Andy Robinson. He brings with him a plethora of experiences and has a way with words.

Husband to a beautiful wife and Daddy to a cheeky 17-month-old girl, Andy currently cares for children and young people with learning disabilities in a respite residential home in West Sussex. He is looking at branching into the world of Nannying.

Being silly

My 17-month-old daughter and I were doing what we do best - being silly together. A little bit of rough and tumble and tickling always goes down well with her - her huge smile and contagious giggle bring a huge sense of fun to daddy-daughter bonding moments.

The moment I decided to introduce her to a piggyback for the first time was when I truly felt a real sense of physical closeness to her.

She was lurking behind me with a cheeky grin as I bent down on to the haunches of my feet to tap both of my shoulders lightly with my hands. This gave my daughter a signal, she was about to start something new in her world - the piggyback.


She looked confused, but eagerly ran up to my back and placed both hands on top of my shoulders. It was so cute. I could tell mummy was jealous (she gets jealous that daddy is more fun...wink). I grasped my daughter's tiny hands and proceeded to count to three before slowly standing up. I began walking around with her but couldn't see her face to see whether she was enjoying it. As I walked around with her on my back I felt her breathing on my neck; I felt her cheeks up close to mine; I smelt her scent (talc powder), and I could distinctly feel her dribble on me. We were so close physically - it was priceless.

To test the boat, I wanted to spin around - and just as I did, I could feel her immediately tense up, clinging her whole body against mine. She was trusting me to keep her safe. And I did.

Loving it

She loved every second of it, (so did I), chuckling away without a care in the world (so was I) - her daddy was making her smile and she was making me smile.

Those are the moments we need to cherish with our kids because I am sure, before I realise it, she will be telling me she wants to go travelling around Vietnam with her university mates.

If she does, I'll give her a piggyback to the airport.

Andy Robinson, Working Dad and Tinies Manny

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