A&E, Guilt and Broken Bones!

I had the pleasure of spending four hours in A&E last week after my daughter had an unfortunate accident in the garden



It had all started out so perfectly too. It was the penultimate day of the summer holidays and I was all prepared.

School uniforms at the ready!

School uniforms were pressed and hanging in the wardrobes, two shiny new pairs of school shoes sat side by side in the hallway, PE kits were packed and brand new lunch bags were waiting to be filled.

The weather was beautiful and, as we had no plans to go anywhere I decided we should pick hazelnuts from the tree in our garden. What could possibly go wrong? There weren't even that many nuts left to pick after the glut of baby squirrels that had rampaged through it.

And then...

So, out came the step ladders and, with me holding on to them tightly, my daughter went up three rungs, clutching her orange carrier bag. When she had picked all the nuts she could reach, she decided to sit on the flat part at the top of the ladder. At that very moment, whilst I turned to put the bag down on the grass, my son decided to drag the trampoline out of the glare of the sun. In the space of one or two seconds he had clipped the side of the ladder and as I came up I saw her going... and going. It was awful. She landed with a thud on the grass and I knew right then it was a trip to A&E.

Four hours later we were back, my daughter proudly wearing a sling to support an admittedly very small crack in her upper arm, but it was broken all the same. Oh the guilt I felt!

In my opinion there's barely a worse emotion than guilt, and it's quite ridiculous just how bad you feel when you are present at the time your child hurts him or herself.

When accidents happen

Accidents happen all the time, normally when you are far out of the picture, but when you are there you convince yourself there was something you could've done to avoid it. I mean, what mother in her right mind puts a bag down when her child is up a step ladder? I should have known my son was about to drag a trampoline into it!

I suppose as parents we are stuck with the whole worry/guilt issue though. It starts the minute you clamp eyes on your newborn and my own mum tells me it will still be there when they turn forty five!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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