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What's the Right Age to Start School?

My son was called in to see the Head of Pre Prep at the beginning of term. The reason was that he was having too much fun in lessons with his friends. We had a chat to his teacher, who is wonderful, and after some tough love both at home and at school, he was back on track



But... are children going to school too young?

My son is 6yrs old, so having fun should make up a large part of his day.

I don't want to suppress the laughter and the enjoyment of a child of his age, but I do understand that when he is at school the teachers cannot afford too much disruption in class.

So should my son be there at all?

In many European countries, children don't start school properly until they are 6 or 7, and there are many child psychologists who believe it is not good for boys to start school before the age of 7.

I do not necessarily agree that girls should start school before boys, as some experts argue. That may be a step too far, and would raise the obvious question of whether that puts boys at a disadvantage.

However, I do think that children start school incredibly early in life

For my son, I am not sure that it would have made much difference. He was in childcare from the age of 6 months, which probably makes me a bad parent already in the eyes of most psychologists.

Going to school was not a huge change for him, and despite this recent blip, he is incredibly happy there. I must just make sure that when he is not at school he has as much fun as possible in his young and too-short life.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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