Booking a Family Holiday

Every year I dream of finding the perfect holiday for my family. A little self contained villa where we have the freedom to do our own thing...


  • Nestled away from everyone, with private access to a beach and an aquamarine sea
  • But with access to all of the following: a spa, 5 restaurants, endless pools, childcare, tennis, golf, water sports, Accident & Emergency.

And all for under a grand!

Some of my friends seem to effortlessly find these holidays

My friend Sophie can simply go onto the internet and within less than an hour will have found an amazing holiday but at a bargain price. I can spend upwards of 3 hours on the internet and find zip.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it just a knack that people have?

Why can I never find that amazing "last minute deal"? Or the elusive "book now and save thousands" deals when you book in advance?

I also get incredibly mad at what is clearly discrimination by holiday companies and airlines.

And I am using the term "discrimination" in the strictest legal sense. How is it that they are allowed to get away with charging double/treble/quadruple their prices as soon as you step over the threshold of the school holidays?

It is no wonder that classrooms are depleted towards the end of term, because we are all bundling our kids out of the door to avoid taking out a second mortgage to travel to the Med.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director 

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