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As a child, I loved reading and creative writing and I can only hope that, so far, I've succeeded in transferring that love onto my children



As a child, I loved reading and creative writing and I can only hope that, so far, I've succeeded in transferring that love onto my children.

It certainly seems to be working. My son is convinced he's going to be a famous author one day (he wants to write a story about marine zombies) and my daughter tells me that she wants to live in 'multi-coloured and glitter' world, where fairies fly around, the grass is pink, there are permanent rainbows in the sky and she can eat her dinner from a cake tree!

Getting children to read more

I'm very pleased to see in the media a shove towards getting your children to read more, with celebrities such as Tess Daly and David Walliams encouraging children to pick up a book.

There need to be more incentives like this

There is so much competition against the humble book, what with DS, Wii, Playstation and Xbox out there to name but a few, and I can't say I blame kids at all for wanting to indulge in these gratifying and exciting games.

If I'd had them as a kid I would have been the first to put my book down. In fact, my brother and I had one of the first Atari TV consoles but I'll stop there - I'm showing my age.

Schools have a very positive input too

Schools keep their libraries well equipped and run, creating reading corners and book clubs and embracing events such as World Book Day and National Storytelling Week. I also hear a lot from parents who work closely with their Nannies and childminders to get their children reading more.

And of course, grandparents are fabulous! My mum regularly read with me and is now carrying on the tradition with her grandchildren.

A child's imagination never ceases to amaze me and there's no greater tool for to firing up that imagination than a good story!

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Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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