Breastfeeding - New Evidence Relieves Mums that Bottle Feed!

I've always believed that mothers should be free to choose breastfeeding or bottle feeding their babies without being judged for it. However, as that's not always the case, at least here is some new evidence to take the pressure off



There is little doubt that breastfeeding is an incredibly emotive subject. First there are the pros and cons, then there is the angst felt by mums who feel pressured into doing it, the mums who feel terrible when their bodies dictate that they simply can't... the list goes on.

This week in the news, some very interesting new scientific evidence emerged suggesting while still unarguably good for babies, breast milk, as previously thought, certainly does not make for more intelligent children later down the line.

Breastfeeding should be a choice

I've blogged about the breastfeeding debate before and make no secret of my dislike for the strong-arm tactics of the pro-breastfeeding brigade.

I'm sure they would argue this is unintentional, but I feel they put undue pressure on women at possibly the most vulnerable and emotional time of their lives.

Breastfeeding should be a choice, not a deal breaking decision over whether or not you are a good enough mother.

Bottle feeding is not neglectful

There is enough pressure on new mums as it is, and all good mums, without exception, want the very best for their child. To suggest that by bottle feeding they are being neglectful in any way is simply ridiculous and wrong.

The benefits of breastfeeding are undeniable. If you can possibly do it, of course that's great, but bottle feeding is a godsend and a great alternative for so many struggling new mums and there's one good thing besides the convenience aspect to say about it.

Along with every other beneficial thing under the sun, it has long been mooted around that breastfeeding can also contribute to greater intelligence in our children.

Apart from the fact that early milk (colostrum) builds a baby's defensives and strengthens their immune system, the promise of greater intelligence in our offspring as a result of breastfeeding was probably among the most enticing reasons for doing it - now that idea has been dispelled, it's nice to think that some of the guilt has been taken away with it!

Unnecessary guilt

Whatever you decide is best for you and your baby, it's right. Guilt really should not a play a part, although unfortunately it usually does.

So if you do still feel those twangs of guilt about choosing bottle over breast, maybe you should take a moment to remind yourself that at least now there's one less thing to feel guilty about!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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