Brownie's and Cubs Versus Other Clubs

My son has been going to Cubs for nearly two years now and I'm frankly amazed that he has stuck at it for so long!



Not that I fear he lacks determination and won't give things a go, just that, unlike other ventures he's been adamant to try, his enthusiasm for Cubs has never waned.

This has had a positive effect on my daughter too - she insisted I put her name down for Rainbows (Brownie's for beginners) when she was aged 4 (she's due to start soon).

So what is about these organisations that still inspires kids?

According to my son it's blatantly obvious. They do exciting stuff! This could be anything from table tennis or looking for insects in the garden to hiking in Burnham Beeches, archery, making rafts, bell ringing, marching with the town crier or, best of all - camping!

It's the real deal too, everything you would imagine camping to be; rafting, water slides and games by day, BBQ food, songs and ghost stories round the camp fire by night.

And what kid doesn't like earning loads of badges to stitch onto their jumper!

All that stuff is great, and of course immense fun, but one of the nicest things to see from a parents' perspective is the sense of camaraderie found between the group. The fun stuff happens, but it comes wrapped around a much more important message.

Tradition and old fashioned values flow through and there is a constant undertone to encourage people to respect and help others and to instil a good moral compass.

Parent participation is important

This all adds to the community feeling which kids really like (and also seeing a parent make a fool of themselves is always a bonus!)

It seems Cub's, Brownie's and the like have it all sorted in a way that some other club's don't. They offer more than just a fun activity. They deliver an important message too.

Dib Dib Dob Dob!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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