Children & Politics: When & How Do You Explain It?

The recent and very sad demise of Margaret Thatcher got me thinking about politics this week and how, when or indeed if you should introduce your children to that world



Politics is one of those love it or loathe it things in our house - I loathe it, well let's just say I'm not mad about it, and my husband loves it, so I suppose our children get mixed messages on the subject.

My first foray into politics with my daughter

Maggie's death even got an old cynic like me talking about politics this week.

It wasn't a conscious decision. I was cornered when my six year old daughter picked up on the 'ding dong the witch is dead' slogan that had been bandied about in the media. Being the most enormous fan of the Wizard of Oz, she would naturally ask questions and I tried to be as diplomatic as I could with my answers, telling her the newspaper people were being horrid to a very important person who had died. She then wanted to know who that was and why she was important and there it was!

I am actually quite a fan of Margaret Thatcher the person

I found once I got started it was quite easy to explain in terms a six year old could understand; Maggie's policies and beliefs, her grit and determination and the type of wonderfully strong, resilient woman she was.

Some people will end up calling you a baddie

I wanted to get across that you can't be that good without being a little bit bad so I explained that when you are very powerful, in charge of lots of people and you have to make up the rules, not everyone is going to like your ideas so some people will end up calling you a baddie.

She seemed to get it and skipped off into the garden when she'd had enough.  Mission accomplished.

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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