Children's Nativity Play

Ah, the school Nativity! Nerves jangling, emotions running high, and that's just the parents! What is it that gets us parents so worked up? In my case it's not even new territory. I've done it all before - in style



My son brought the house down at his first one

He jumped up and down, danced and sang at the top of his voice bless him - only precisely when he wasn't supposed to. For his encore he crawled under the stage and refused to come out.

So this time I was prepared for the worst

So what if it all went wrong? My mum and I took our seats for the 2pm matinee performance.

A hush of anticipation descended. The first tinkling notes of the piano rang out and the children filed in and took their places on stage. All around was the sound of sniffing and tissues being pulled out of pockets. Cameras clicked and camcorders whirred, capturing the precious moments unfolding on stage. The potential of little stars being born!

Merry Christmas from Around the World

Squinting gingerly at the stage I watched with somewhat incredulous pride as my daughter sang and danced on cue, her pink Hawaiian skirt (yes, really) swishing around her as she belted out "Merry Christmas from Around the World".

And who would've thought? There was "Star of the Week" two months running, picking her nose and yawning, and "Best Reader" shouting "Away in a Manger" loudly in sensitive boy's ear.

Not one parent looked tense anymore!

Two "Americans" country danced a little too vigorously into the stage backdrop and one of the camels' heads fell off. It was priceless stuff and the best thing about it? It was funny, and everybody thought so. Not one parent looked tense anymore! The children had done their best and made us all laugh into the bargain.

With an audible, collective sigh of relief it was over and we could all look forward to a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie then home to watch it all again on the TV!


Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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