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Children's World Book Day

J had his 1st World Book Day at Nursery a few weeks ago. Being 3 years old and a girl, I knew instantly what character she was going to be and which book she was going to take... A BALLERINA and her favourite book "HOW TO BE A BALLERINA"!



I had to explain a couple of times why she was allowed to go to nursery in her ballerina costume for this day only, as every other time she has asked me I have said no!

Excited to dress up!

The night before she laid all her clothes out on her bedroom floor along with the book and skipped into bed very excited. The following morning we set off to nursery, but then I had a sickening feeling… What if I had got the day wrong and she is the only one in fancy dress?

Is it definitely fancy dress?!?

My worries soon turned to smiles when we arrived at nursery to be confronted by a Gruffalo, Spider Man and Peter Pan, to name but a few!!

It was a brilliant day

Every child was in a different costume and the teachers had made such an effort and looked fantastic. There was Captain Hook looking after the toddlers and Alice in Wonderland with the pre-schoolers!

There was such a buzz in the classrooms that it made me think there should be more days like this at nurseries and schools. It is fun and exciting but also a brilliant way for children to express themselves through imagination and role play, which is such an important part of child development.

Another great day in my role as being a nanny!

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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