Difficulty Conceiving

I've been talking to a few people this week about their endeavours to have children and I'm very struck by how increasingly common it is for couples to experience difficulty conceiving



Despite wide and frequent media coverage on the topic of infertility and how many of us are being affected, it still surprises me that we all seem to know someone or have a friend of a friend who has decided to start a family only to find out that it's just not going to be straightforward.

I can only imagine how this must feel

Having fallen pregnant quite quickly with my first child, I was fairly confident that I would have a similar experience when I decided to have a second.

However this was not the case and I eventually fell pregnant a year later. At the time this was frustrating and throughout that year, each 'unsuccessful' month that went by saw those feelings of frustration magnify, along with the desire to have this much wanted second child. Eventually it became an all-consuming experience where I was thinking of little else.

IVF or adoption

So to go through that and then be told that you have no other option but to have IVF or consider adoption must be tough.

It's a very emotive topic to discuss with someone, especially if they are close to you. The common thread at the beginning is 'Why me?  How come all my friends and family are having babies and I can't?'  It's heart breaking and all you want to do is make it happen for them.

Financial, physical and emotional toll

The financial, physical and emotional toll ahead is a tough one to face and the support and listening ear of a loved one is never more in need. Top priority is to keep positive.  Mental and physical well-being throughout the whole process is paramount, so lots of relaxation and keeping stress to a minimum (if possible!) is a very good idea.

And without being over optimistic, focus on success

A very good friend of mine was lucky enough to conceive on her first cycle of IVF and there was something very special indeed about going to visit them in hospital.

Despite her having a difficult pregnancy, a traumatic birth and the baby being born nearly 7 weeks prematurely, the whole family had an air of what can only be described as 'elated relief' about them.

They had been on a long journey and the result was a miracle. It can and does happen.

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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