Easter Holiday Fun!

Although I'm pretty sure a big yellow bunny armed with chocolate bounded in to my local supermarket about four weeks ago, I still can't believe Easter is here already



The hangover of Christmas has only just diminished and yet here we are, ordering turkey and decorating the house with daffodils and fluffy yellow chicks!

Easter is great fun for kids

My kids love Easter but, as with most things, it's becoming a little more commercialised too. This is perhaps not such a great thing for many people but, being a big fan of Christmas and any other excuse for a holiday, I welcome it.

Life can be a bit dull at times, so where's the harm in brightening things up when you get the chance?

Decorating the Easter tree!

So as well as the usual Easter egg hunt in the garden, this year we will be decorating our first 'Easter tree' - a bright yellow spruce which the kids and I will adorn with twinkly yellow and green lights, streamers and colourful mini Easter eggs. Is that over the top? Very probably, but who cares, it will be fun!

If you are at home over Easter, there are lots of things to get involved in at this time of year too.

Get creative with the kids at Easter

Like Christmas, Easter is a great time to get creative and start making, baking and having lots of fun with the kids.

As well as decorating our 'Easter tree' I'm intending to have a go at baking gluten free hot cross buns! (We have coeliac in the family).

I'm not too hopeful after my last few baking disasters, but it will be fun trying, and I'm figuring if they don't work out we can play tennis with them in the garden afterwards if the weather holds.

For lots of other great ideas, read Our Favourite Easter Crafts & Treats.

Fun activities at Church this Easter

Although I'm not religious at all, there is something very appealing about visiting your local church at Christmas and Easter too. This can be a great time to get the kids involved in religion without it seeming like a boring RE lesson.

Churches work very hard for the community and lay on some brilliant, fun activities for kids. Our local ones have loads on, with Messy Church incorporating an egg decorating theme of course.

So with all that going on and a couple of days to the seaside booked this week, that's Easter sorted for me.

Hopefully I won't put too much of the post-Christmas weight I've lost back on again. If I do, I'm pretty sure it won't be due to over indulgence of gluten free hot cross buns! Anyone for tennis...?

Happy Easter!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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