Easter is Here Again!

My kids are in overdrive this week as Easter approaches. The prospect of two whole weeks off, coupled with a vat of chocolate is enough to send them into orbit - and that's before the sugar kicks in!



Get ready for the sugar rush!

My five year old daughter has got THREE Easter egg hunts lined up - one with the school at the local church, one at her Nanny's house and one with her two best friends.

The first two I'm aware of. The last one I know nothing about, including when or where it will be taking place, and neither do her friends' parents.  Hmmm, might have to work on that one.

I do like Easter

The house seems a bit brighter somehow. Daffodils in the kitchen, homemade Easter cards from the kids depicting chicks made of yellow fluff and bits of cracked eggshell, the bread bin crammed with hot cross buns at varying stages of freshness.

I don't understand why it gets quite so busy though

It's hardly akin to Christmas from a last minute, panicky point of view, but still, last night saw me boiling eggs at half past nine after being reminded about the Easter egg decorating competition.  We've also had to make and decorate an Easter bonnet and contribute 'Tasty Easter Treats' to the PTA cake sale.

And who said there had to be quite so much chocolate?

I can remember getting only two, maybe three Easter eggs when I was a kid, and these were presented on a 'staggered basis' over the Easter weekend under the instruction "don't stuff them all down at once".  There seems to be a lot of sense in that statement, although I didn't think so at the time.

It was always great when a relative turned up unexpectedly with an extra egg though!

And so, although my kids will not go short of the sweet stuff, I will try and make sure some of it lasts until Tuesday 10th!

Happy Easter!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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I just wanted to thank Tinies for our amazing nanny. She was so great, so positive and so onto it and she allowed us to have a great time at my cousins wedding.
Zosha, Kent