Embarrassing Mummy: Imaginary Mum

Most children have an imaginary friend, mine had an imaginary mum that was a blow to the ego.



Sian has been out of lives for some time and we don't talk about her anymore.

His other mother

You see, Sian is my son's other mother. No, he was not fostered, nor did he have a favourite family friend - Sian was his imaginary mother. Other children like to have an imaginary friend that they play with and blame for breaking things, and getting into trouble, but Henry invented a whole family.

He had an older brother and sister and a mum and a dad. I'm not sure if the other family members ever got a name, maybe they did. But I will always remember Sian, as she was my rival.

His other life

My son was quite inventive with his family. On the way to nursery, he would point out across the coastline to a small village and tell me that was where his other family lived. At times, he would talk about the other family so much, I began to feel a bit creeped out - what if he was actually reincarnated? Or had strange psychic abilities and was sharing the thoughts of another child? But I think it just came down to the fact that he had a wild imagination.

His wild stories

I would pick him up from nursery and we would have conversation like this:

"What did you do at Nursery today?"

"I didn't go to nursery today."

"You didn't? I'm pretty sure I dropped you off there?"

"No. Me and my other family went out on a boat for the day. We took a picnic and the weather was lovely. We sailed all around Wales. Then a big white shark chased us, and we had to come home"

The stories were all quite amusing until Sian began to overstep the mark and overrule my parenting decisions.

"No, you can't have chocolate before bed."

"Sian says I can."

"No, you need to go to sleep now, its bedtime."

"Sian lets me stay up late."

(Inside my head) "I don't bloody care what Sian says..."

But, I was always Mummy

The one saving grace is that he didn't refer to Sian as 'Mummy'. I always like to think in his mind, I was the alpha mum and Sian didn't warrant such a special title. I'm not sure when he stopped talking about her, she just fazed out, along with the make believe family.

I miss his stories about her, even if she had questionable parenting techniques.

Becky, Embarrassing Mummy of two teens


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