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Sometimes it's the little things that make you happy, sometimes it's being right and sometimes it's a walk-in wardrobe



"Oh daaahling - my husband has built me a walk-in wardrobe!" says me in my super posh voice. Or as posh as my cockney tones mangled with some Welsh will muster. But it is true, my husband has transformed the unusual 6' x 4' space we had next to our bathroom into a walk-in wardrobe complete with shelves, rails, a new wall, entrance door and architraves- it's the best present ever!

Like a kid on Christmas morning

I am not sure what makes me so happy about it; it could be that I have finally convinced him that the space is meant to be a walk in wardrobe. Perhaps it could be that it has now been proven; consistent wife nagging works, or it could be that I feel my status raised as I can say "I own a walk in wardrobe".

Now, I totally realise that smug people are the most annoying people, but I want and need to celebrate my joy over my new posh wardrobe. You see, I have struggled financially in the past. When we were a young family and I was working part time, I sometimes had 10p left in my bank account after paying bills and nursery fees. I found solutions- I worked part time so I could be around the children when they were young. I enjoyed the wonder of ebay when paying for the wedding that I couldn't afford (I couldn't believe there was so much money to be made from things lying around at home- other people were willing to pay for my seconds).

Counting pennies and thinking smartly

After I managed to save enough for the wedding, I just kept going and promised my husband that I would stop hoarding things to sell. That was 14 years ago, I have never stopped selling, still do to this day and have sold over 2000 items. I actually have an ebay cupboard full of items ready to sell. On top of that, I found brilliant money saving tools: coupons, cashbacks, and I even enrolled as a mystery shopper to help earn a few extra pennies and get free lunches. During those hard days we dreamed of bigger and better things - a house with a garden, maybe a driveway, an ensuite bathroom and for me, the ultimate luxury, a walk-in wardrobe.

We appreciate the life we now live and often reflect on when times were hard. We think it's probably even harder now for young families. My husband, moved by the plight of one of his friends back in Wales has bought a Christmas food shop and has gifted it to the local food bank.

I'm a big believer in having dreams

Some will always be out of reach, but the achievable ones should be just that - achieved. We worked our socks off, moved house twice and the second time was to Cornwall, where we always wanted to live. We now have a garden, a driveway (my husband would like to point out this is an off road parking space, and that I'm over exaggerating), an ensuite and now a walk-in wardrobe. I live in a beautiful new build estate in an adorable little town with a castle, and, if I walk to the end of my road, I can see Dartmoor. For now, I feel like I have made it. Except, my husband MUST be bored now he has completed his project, and I currently don't have anything to nag him about. However, I quite fancy a new kitchen....

Becky, Embarrassing Mummy of two teens


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The best thing since sliced bread. Great having a party where the children had more fun than the grownups! And I wanted to do the cheerleading lesson.
Davina McCall, Party Crèche, Hertfordshire