Embarrassing Mummy - The Noble Art of Embarrassing

We've all experienced those moments of excruciating embarrassment at the hands of someone else, wishing we could disappear and knowing that they have no idea they are embarrassing us



At age 11 years, my mother took me and my 3 siblings to watch He-Man at the cinema. As the credits rolled, my usually conservative mother leapt up, grabbed my arm and waved it in the air yelling "By the power of Greyskull!" Everyone in the cinema turned around and stared (probably not everyone, but this is how it felt). This painful memory is sketched on my very soul - my usually meek and mild mother humiliating me like this. Fast forward 30 years and I know why she did it.

Embarrassing moment come naturally

Because, she was an embarrassing parent. And if you're a parent, and you're reading this, then you are too, and if you are not yet embarrassing, then you will be. The reality is, you don't even have to try, you will just 'become'.

For me it started when Fred and Henry no longer want to kiss and hug me goodbye at the school gates. Even worse, Henry stopped letting me, but would still let my husband. It then developed into me being in my dressing gown when their friends are around or singing along loudly to songs while cleaning and the girlfriend is staying.

Embarrassing examples

My recent, unintentionally, humiliating accomplishment is my car - it is not as sexy as Dad's car and it was a bit 'Mumsy' to start with but to top it off, I have recently had it sign written with a bright panic banner. Fred makes me drop him around the corner from school, so he doesn't get seen.

Initially, I wallowed in my despair of becoming the embarrassing parent. I was going to be cool and down with the kids. But the joy of being in my forties and not giving a damn is brilliant - so I do something else. I actively nurture being embarrassing - I EXCEL at it.

All out Embarrassment

If I am going to show my kids up, I may as well do it in style. I want to be able to recount my stories to another embarrassing parent and have a good laugh about it. I want to create memories, and share them on Facebook, and tag the kids. Recent accomplishments include - showing the girlfriend all of Fred's baby photos, my friend and I taking Henry and her daughter to see Sigala and we were dancing a lot harder than the kids did and my husband and I being very affectionate with each other in public in front of the kids. 

My favourite though is to beep loudly at the kids when I pass them in the Pink-Mumsy-Wagon and yelling out the window "Cooo-eeee!"

Becky, Embarrassing Mummy of two teens


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