Working with an Employer on Maternity Leave

Being a sole charge nanny is wonderful. You have freedom to plan activities with the children, and in many ways you are your own boss, as it is up to you to organise their day



So when your family announces the arrival of a new baby, this can evoke mixed feelings. First is the excitement of a new charge to take on but also this means maternity leave and mum being at home.

A nanny's role

As a nanny you should always be consistent in your approach to your job, whether the parents are around or not, as this provides a stable environment for the children. But I would recommend that before your employer starts maternity leave that you sit down and run through how things will work. For example:

  • How will the day to day activities and routines change?
  • Will they still want you to go to toddler groups?
  • When you are both at home, who will take the lead on discipline?
  • How are you both going to approach introducing the baby to the siblings? It is so important that you both approach this  in the same way
  • How will your duties change and how does the mother want you to care for the newborn as well as any brothers and sisters?

Mum's on maternity leave

Most employers on maternity leave simply want to be at home with the new arrival and know that the siblings are happy and being cared for and stimulated. They may want help with the new baby as well.

So it is very important that you talk this through and agree everything from the start. That is what I did with my employer, and it made everything very seamless.

I have never had a problem with working with a mum at home

My boss is on maternity leave for J's new baby Sister M and I have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with mum and supporting her through the arrival of M.

As a nanny I see this is part of my job and spending time with them has enabled me to get a close bond with M quickly and allowed mum to let go and rest and relax after sleepless nights with a baby and a two year old!

I have enjoyed the way that M's arrival has changed my role as a nanny over the last few months

We have all had some great times together in and out of the house. Working together with my employer has provided a stable and consistent routine and environment for J and helped her cope with the arrival of a new baby sister. I also feel that J's parents and I have become closer as a result.

If you need childcare whilst on maternity leave or are a nanny who would like a job working alongside a mum then contact Tinies Maternity Nanny Agency.

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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