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Exercise... and Bust

So I've had to face my age old dilemma recently: exercise and look great, or not care and be happy. With all the amazing wine and food I had on holiday, you can guess which one won



I am one of those people who dips in and out of exercise. I wish I could be more disciplined, as I always feel so much better when I've done something. But I go through stages when time seems at a premium and I can't justify an hour out of my day to hit the treadmill.

Who am I kidding? The truth is, I just can't be bothered!

Does the hard work pay off?

I've been in a recent lull period. I'd worked really hard before our holiday to Marbs. Or so I thought until I saw the photos.

Where were those abs that I'd spent hours in the gym trying to sculpt? Probably hidden under the litres of rosé and patatas bravas.

I just don't have the will power to stick to a routine when I'm on holiday (and faced with an all you can eat breakfast). The hotel had a gym too and I'd even packed my sports kit. Suffice to say it went home as clean as it had arrived.

Run for the hills

So last weekend was kid free, the sun was shining, and I thought it would be a perfect time to kick start my exercise drive again. I couldn't justify going to the gym when the weather was so beautiful, and for once there wasn't a sea mist engulfing the hills.

So I got on my running gear, plugged in my music and was just about to launch myself into a sprint (OK, jog) when my husband popped up. Could he join me, he asked. I love him dearly, but, running partners? That's a step too far for me. He looked so eager that I couldn't say no (he's very similar to a Labrador in that way).

I'm no Mo Farah

Off we went, but it soon became apparent that my running was the equivalent to his very slow jogging. He looked like he was going in slow motion whilst I was struggling to keep up.

And the downside of that meant he wasn't remotely out of breath so could chat away quite happily. All I could do was utter the occasional grunt and try not to throw up. He pretty much kept up a monologue the whole way round. I don't think he even noticed that I was mute.

I'm not sure we will repeat the experience again. Although he said he really enjoyed our chat.

You will have fun...

I've never tried exercise DVDs but perhaps that's the answer? I do have "8 Minute Abs" on my iPhone, which the kids find hysterical.

It must have been made in the 1980s as it features people in leotards, and the music is diabolical. The guy on the video has a very annoying voice and likes to say that the exercises are effective and fun. I've never found them to be either. I could probably sue him for trade description violations.

But we are off to Cornwall soon which would normally galvanize me into action. The thought of squeezing into an unforgiving wetsuit normally sends me scurrying to the cross trainer, but this year I've left it too late. I shall have to embrace my curves and accept that I may have to forego my bikini for a burka this time around.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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You understood our vision so perfectly and did such an incredible job; we just can't thank you enough. Without exception, the parents were just blown away by how easily you engaged the children from the minute you arrived and continued to do so throughout the day. The team were so lovely that the children just gravitated towards them instantly!

The measure of this was that Lottie (my bridesmaid and best friend's daughter who normally refuses to leave her Mum's hip if she's anywhere within a 2 mile radius!) actually went off with you! Please don't underestimate what an incredible achievement that was! I know you're all professionals and are therefore really good at knowing how to win the little ones over but Lottie is a particularly difficult customer.

I just want to thank you all so much.
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