Expecting a Girl

The arrival of a new addition to the family is always exciting, especially when the whole family gets involved. In the New Year, things in my house will be different



I'm delighted to announce that come February, all things being well, we will welcome a little girl into our male dominated household.

Before you all start doing the math and working out just how old I am, I should point out that the baby in question is not mine. And no, I'm not snatching or adopting. It's our lovely nanny who is expecting.

And we couldn't be more delighted. For me, it's a chance to enjoy all the good things about having a baby without the hard work. I'm sure I will feel quite broody when I first get to hold her, but I'm confident the novelty will wear off.

When did puppies become baby substitutes?

When I tell people there will be a new addition to our family, everyone assumes we are getting a puppy.

I can see why they might think that. Practically every one of my female friends has gone puppy mad. And it seems to coincide with that time when we women wake up to the reality that, without the help of serious medical intervention, we are beyond child bearing age. Are puppies the new babies?

Puppy vs baby - spot the difference

Barely a week goes by without some family sharing photos of their new dog on Facebook.

My best friend has succumbed and bought a very cute labradoodle. It will be a lovely addition to their family, but not before it causes havoc. It cries, wees, poos. Often all at the same time.

It wants to be cuddled all the time, although I understand that this is not recommended by the dog trainer. I remember getting similar advice when I had my first son. Dog trainer vs baby trainer. Basically they seem to give the same advice.

Puppy alert

When we went round to their house, the puppy was everywhere and got under everyone's feet. Twice I nearly trod on it because the colour of its coat is the same colour as the wooden floor. It's a health and safety risk I can tell you.

What I mostly noticed was how exhausted the whole family looked. They're up all night from the crying, and during the day they have to watch that it doesn't escape out the door, chew all the furniture or get pounced on by their cat. It seems very stressful. And from what I can see, not a whole lot different from having a baby.

Present at the birth

Back to "our" baby. We have all been in a heightened state of excitement since our nanny announced the news. Even the boys. For me, it gives me a chance to indulge in some pink shopping.

I can be found most weeks now, cooing over the pink dresses and pink shoes. The choice is endless - diamante, glitter, sequins, frills, lace. And that's just the tights.


But what has been most surprising is the reaction of my boys.

A friend whose nanny had a baby said that I should expect some jealous reactions. Far from it. They are delighted.

My youngest is insisting on being at the birth, so he can take pictures. He is completely oblivious as to how inappropriate that is. My eldest, having seen a video of someone giving birth, thinks his brother is a nutter.

When we told him he couldn't be there, he was almost inconsolable.

"What can I do to make this better for you?" I asked.

"Can we have a puppy?" he said.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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