Film Awards, and Rewards for My Sons

Regular readers will know that I have a thing about films. In another life I think I would have been either a producer or a director. And the current film award season has inspired me to try out a new reward system for my sons!



In my dreams I'm never in front of the camera, as that would be wondering into the realms of hilarity. Mine is not the face that would launch a thousand ships - it would more than likely sink them.

On the other hand, my complete lack of any artistic talent and ability to work a camera doesn't seem to stop me, in my fantasy world, from being the next Martin Scorsese.

Enjoying film award season

So when the film award season comes around, I'm pretty much glued to the TV. Our Sky+ box is packed with such delights as "Live Coverage from the Red Carpet". And I've got all 6 hours of the Golden Globes ceremony to watch, even though I already know who's won what.

I have to pick my moments to watch these programmes, as my husband has no interest, and ruins any enjoyment I have of watching them by sighing heavily throughout. One year I went away for a few days on business and came back to discover all of my Oscar recordings had been deleted.

That's the closest I've ever come to divorcing him!

A new approach to discipline for my sons

The award season gave me an idea for my sons as well. I've decided that I'm going to rethink my discipline this year. Last year was a write off with more tantrums, yelling, door slamming and silent treatment than anyone could endure. (And the children were pretty bad too.)

This year it's going to be all about the carrot and not the stick (I use that figuratively of course, as I would never feed them a carrot).

I've probably come quite late to this, but I'm introducing a gold star chart system. Not exactly inventive I know, but it's something we have never done before.

And the Reward goes to...

Gold Star Reward SystemSo on New Year's Day (there's no messing around with me when I have an idea), I sat the boys down for a chat.

I explained that each day they could win themselves a gold star for doing something really well, or doing something without being asked (umpteen times). At the end of the week, if they had accumulated a gold star a day, they would get a treat.

To Reward or not to Reward

Personally I thought that was pretty self- explanatory. But then I didn't count on my youngest and the way he thinks.

These are just some of the things he said:



"So mummy, do I get a gold star if I wipe my bottom really really well?"



"On the basis you are nearly 7, I think that is something you should be doing well anyway"



"But what if I've broken every bone in each arm, but I still manage to wipe my bum really well, surely that gets me a gold star?"






"Do I get a gold star if I breathe really well?"



"Of course, if you can do good breathing when swimming, you'll definitely get a star"



"No, not swimming, I mean just generally"



"Oh" [Silence, followed by a deep sigh]

Take me away from all this

At the end of that exchange, I retreated to my TV lair and switched on the Golden Globes.

Just watching the acceptance speech (if you could really call it that) of Jacqueline Bisset was enough to transport me to my fantasy film making world, where I don't have to contend with children's bottoms or breathing.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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