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Freezing Feb Half Term = Bored Kids!

Hang on a minute! It only seems a week has gone by since the Christmas holidays and yet here we are with half term looming over us



And by all accounts this one is going to be COLD! So what to do with the kids?

For working parents, childcare at this time can be a challenge, but with so many decent holiday clubs out there at the moment there are some great options available, and getting a childcarer in to cover on an ad hoc basis can be a good idea.

(Look at the rest of the Tinies website for plenty of helpful hints, options and advice on temp or holiday nannies).

If you are staying at home, my motto is a bit scout like but effective - be prepared!

Make a list that goes something like this:

  • Pile of favourite DVDs
  • Get sleeping bags/old duvet out in advance from airing cupboard to watch DVDs under (thus avoiding the great possibility of all your bedding and towels being pulled out onto the floor)
  • Pile of colouring books, pens, glue, paper and sticky tape, preferably no glitter
  • Stock cupboard full of crisps and sweets (to be dished out under strict supervision, naturally)
  • Get pink/green food colouring, icing pens and cup cake cases in (no silver balls, emergency trips to dentist not an option)
  • Scrape bird droppings off trampoline in case weather cheers up.

That sort of thing.

Taking the kids on a trip

I'm also going to try and be really brave, weather and cash flow permitting, and take the kids into London on the train.

My son is really into the Tudors at the moment so I thought it would be a good idea to take him to the museum of London where they have lots of Tudor/Stuart artefacts. Apparently it's huge and takes a day to get around properly thus ensuring tired kids at bedtime! Of course the train journey itself will be the bit they enjoy most and I'm sure they'll get tired, fed up and whingey at some point but hopefully it will be a day to remember for them.

Half term sorted - check! Have fun whatever you get up to!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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