Spot on! Fund Raising Fun for Children in Need

There always seems to be something going on in terms of fund raising at my kid's school and in the local community and, while I'm all in favour of a good cause, it does seem to be relentless at times



The Children in Need appeal however is an event for which I wholeheartedly show my support. I'm a proper softie when it comes to needy children and animals and am proud to say I've supported both major charities for a number of years in an albeit very small way.

Kids showing their support

I really like it when children can show their support and feel involved and included and my kids have been looking forward to dressing up and taking part in the fun today.

Having spent yesterday afternoon looking for spotty clothes for a ten year old boy (impossible) I settled on cutting up and an old red and white spotty dress and had great fun wrestling it over my son's head this morning to moans of "it's in my eye".  Yes dear, that's where it's supposed to be. My daughter was loving her tattoo pen face spots, black and white spotty dress and multi-coloured spotty tights.

(Now if only I was being sponsored £1 for every time I type the word spotty in this blog...)

All in a good cause

So the kids are in for a fun and memorable day, and all in a good cause. Hopefully they will remember the reason why and it will become important to them in the future.

I'm not so sure how long they'll stick out the televised event on the BBC tonight though. I've promised they can stay up and watch some of it. I hear we are to be treated to singing from Susan Boyle and dancing from Anne Widdecombe.

I have a feeling they might be in bed earlier than they think!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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