Good Teaching Carries on Inspiring During the Summer Holidays

Every year at this time, when the schools wind down for the summer holidays, I get transported back to the excitement I felt myself as a child



Back then, if spontaneous combustion really did exist, I would have been a candidate for it! The sheer anticipation of six whole weeks off school was so exciting I could barely contain myself, it was ridiculous.

Despite that, strange creature that I am, I used to miss my favourite lessons a little bit, especially English and creative writing.

Enjoying your favourite subjects during the holidays

I loved reading and writing so much as a child that during the holidays I would sit for hours at our dining table bashing out literary 'masterpieces' on my most prized possession: an old portable Brother typewriter. The joy!

In fact, embarrassing as this is, if I couldn't think of anything to make up myself I would get one of my favourite books and copy type that. It was like reading my favourite story again whilst pretending I was writing it myself. Ahem. Yes, perhaps some sort of therapy was required but luckily it was a different era and I was allowed to get on with it.

A lifelong love of storytelling

I realised long ago that this love of literacy started with my lovely mum, who would read endlessly to my brother and me. She was great at injecting fun and expression into stories which of course made reading easier to learn. By the time we started school we could both read simple story books quite well so found the lessons enjoyable and easy.

Fortunately, I was then lucky enough to have the most wonderful English teacher, who inspired and encouraged me so much. I used to adore her lessons and can remember sitting trance like on the classroom floor at story time, hanging on her every word as she brought trolls, witches, wizards and fairies to life from the pages of her many books.

Great teachers that inspire our kids

With the exception of one, every English teacher I had thereafter was, in my opinion, fantastic and I often find myself thinking about them. I'm the first to confess my grammar isn't always up to scratch but my teachers would often graciously point out that passion, enthusiasm and imagination were key; perfect written English could be worked upon.

These words have always rung true for me - how can you be creative when you have the grammar police breathing down your neck?

Parents and teachers pass on their passions

As much as I can, I've tried to pass this advice on to my own kids, who also love reading and writing. Luckily they too have some great teachers at their respective schools who allow the kids to really express themselves in their writing.

Whatever your favourite subject, I think pretty much everyone can think back to a teacher who has inspired them in some way and I think more emphasis should be placed upon the value of good teaching.

So to all you hard working teachers out there counting the days till the summer hols - have a well-earned break, we need you back fully rested in September!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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