Halloween and Kids Being Monsters

I am a big fan of Halloween. I know it's just one more commercial gimmick to force parents to spend more money, mainly on costumes that get worn once and then get confined to the dressing up box. And on copious amounts of sweets that turn your kids into real monsters and make you fat (or is that just me?)



But there is something really magical about going trick or treating with kids. My boys absolutely love it. My youngest says it's his favourite time of year. That is until Christmas comes around, and then that's his favourite and ditto Easter and then his birthday. He's fickle like that.

What's lurking in the attic at Halloween?

I even have a box of Halloween decorations in the attic. It seems completely nuts really. I have to battle my way through the rubbish, sorry, my husband's army memorabilia, to locate the right box. Then negotiate the attic ladder through the cobwebs - not a good thing for an arachnophobe.

I then put up the decorations and then 24 hours later I do the whole process backwards. What's the point?

Double, double toil and trouble

Then there's the pumpkin fiasco. As a family, we can happily say that we don't have a single artistic bone in our bodies. As a result our pumpkins look truly terrifying, as they tend to have eyes and noses that are blended into one due to over exuberant use of a knife. And their mouths look more like letterboxes, to such an extent that one year we did find some junk mail posted through them.

Then there's my husband. Every year he goes all Heston on us, imagining what he can do with the pumpkin seeds and pulp. He sweats over the stove for hours and hours, adding this and that. Then the "concoction" sits untouched for days in the pan until the smell starts to attract the attention of Environmental Health.

But still we love Halloween.

Is there anyone home? Knock, knock...

However, the one downside is that we live in an area which was recently identified by the Office of National Statistics as having the oldest residents in England and Wales. I'm pretty sure my husband's recent birthday tipped the balance.

So whilst the families in our area embrace Halloween, the oldies amongst us batten down the hatches and switch off all the lights!

When I was younger you wouldn't think twice about picking on these residents. Those were the days when you didn't wait for the person to say trick or treat, you just pelted them with eggs. I would be horrified if my boys did that now. So instead troupes of children are escorted round the block, told to say please and thank you, not to push and shove and try to keep the sweet quota to less than a sack load.

So roll on trick or treating... I'll be donning my witch's hat, sticking a wart on the end of my nose, and I may even sneak a few rotten eggs into my cloak.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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