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Halloween Fun with Children

Spooky, kooky and frighteningly fun - it could only mean one thing HALLOWEEN is here again!



With half term upon us once again, most parents this week will be thinking much the same thing - how to keep the kids amused and entertained, arranging a few days away and for working parents, how to juggle work and childcare.

Holiday costs during half term

Like many others, the sharp spike in holiday costs during half term means I will be at home with the kids. But so what?

I'm no domestic goddess, but for me October half term can be great fun, with muddy walks in the park collecting leaves and pine cones, hot chocolate in the café, baking and decorating cakes at home and, best of all, pumpkin carving!

At the end of the week my kids and I will be busy creating mess on the kitchen floor, perilously slicing through pumpkin flesh and making soup with it afterwards (although the jury is still out on how good it tastes!) and of course, both my kids are super excited about the prospect of wearing scary costumes.

Trick or treat

Trick or treating can be such an exciting thing for young children to do, especially if you have some nice fun neighbours!

My four year old decided what outfit she was going to wear at the beginning of September. This year she is planning to be a vampire princess!  Awww. And of course there's the added bonus of being allowed to collect and consume vast quantities of normally taboo sweets!

Children roaming the streets…

I must be honest and admit to being a little bit spooked when I see gangs of little people roaming the streets dressed as grim reapers, zombies and goblins, but hey, we have to accept that, love it or loathe it, Halloween fever has swept over us like an Atlantic tidal wave and is here to stay!

So with the old adage of if you can't beat them join them ringing in my ears, I'm going to embrace Halloween and all it throws at me (literally if my neighbours kids have anything to do with it!).


Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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