Happy Anniversary (To Me)

It's our wedding anniversary today. And I'm celebrating it by sitting at my computer, on a boiling hot day, typing about the fact that it's my wedding anniversary



Celebrating together

And where is my husband? Well, you may well ask. He happens to be celebrating our wedding anniversary at the Aegon Tennis Championships at Queens, sipping champagne and watching Andy Murray on court.

There is something wrong with this picture, particularly as there wasn't a present in sight before he left this morning. I did get a card, but I haven't opened it yet. I'm savouring the excitement.

Crystal wedding anniversary

15 years ago today my husband and I tied the knot. Which means this is our crystal wedding anniversary. I don't think I could be more underwhelmed by the idea of crystal. Which is a good thing; given that I won't be getting anything anyway.

Wedding anniversary gifts

Who came up with the Wedding Anniversary list in the first place? I think it's high time that it was updated. I suggest that:

  • 5 years = Anya Hindmarch
  • 10 years = Chanel
  • 15 years = Jimmy Choo and
  • 20 years = Aston Martin.

After that I'm happy to settle for the silver, pearl, ruby gifts if I have to!

Being lavished with gifts...

I know this is incredibly sexist, but the point of anniversaries is for the husbands to lavish gifts on the wives. In my mind it's no different to a bonus scheme, and under this bonus scheme wives should be rewarded for their hard work and loyalty.

Or perhaps we should scrap the whole idea of anniversaries. I mean if we are still together, that is a fair indication that the marriage is working well, we enjoy being together, and we don't need to make a big song and dance about it.

Occasionally I have suggested to my husband that we renew our wedding vows, as a sign of our love for each other... He just looks at me as if I'm mad and mutters something about me acting like Jordan, but with even less taste.

A rare night out

So here I am, celebrating this historic day on my own, staring out the window of my office. I did get a text from the old man, saying he was taking me out on Saturday night. He joked about taking me to the local chippy.

I didn't laugh, because that is probably where he will end up taking me. He never books anywhere and he is notoriously bad about making a decision on restaurants.

So fish 'n' chips it is for my 15 years of wedded bliss. Happy Anniversary to me!

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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