Happy Halloween 2010!

Halloween is here again, the shops are full of costumes and pumpkins and as a nanny it is one of the best times of the year. The children all love dressing up, face painting and of course making masks to scare the parents when they come home!!



We have a Halloween party with friends and fellow nannies

Even though they are all aged between 1 and 7 we have great fun, they all dress up and we have a Halloween lunch and play games.

Last year I made J a cat costume which fits her again this year and she loves… I am very pleased by this as I don't think my thumbs could take all the pin pricks again this year!!

One thing I love at Halloween with J is carving Pumpkins, it is one of those activities that you do once a year which makes it really exciting for both nanny and children.

Some activities to make your Halloween extra spooky and special!

  • TREE GHOSTS - Place a blown up balloon inside a white bin liner, draw a ghost face on it and hang it from your trees outside, they look like ghosts flying around.  They look fab and the kids will love them… So easy, So effective!
  • WOOL SPIDERS - Make a spiders body from black wool rolled up, then stick on wobbly eyes and use pipe cleaners for legs and hang them from the ceiling!
  • DRESS THE MUMMY - Split into two teams, using toilet roll have a race to see who can turn one of the team members into a mummy in the fastest time
  • PASS THE PUMPKIN - Same idea as pass the parcel, fill the hollowed-out-pumpkin with goodies and when the music stops whoever has the pumpkin can take a goodie out, once everyone has had a turn the pumpkin stops randomly and the winner gets the rest of the goodies and the pumpkin to keep.

Have fun with the children and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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I attended an event in Leeds and I am so impressed with your team of nannies who were there. I have never left my 10mth old son before, so I was nervous, but I felt very at ease practically straight away. All your ladies were very friendly and professional; I was amazed how quickly my son took to them so well. I just wanted to say thank you doing such a great job, it was like having a team of multiple Mary Poppins', thank you from Daniel (aged 10mth) and mummy Rachel xx.
Rachel, Wakefield