Husband Envy

I am very happily married to my husband, despite what you may occasionally read in my Blog. He is a great father and 99% of the time a good husband. But, sometimes I do get a little bit of "husband envy"



I don't mean that I fancy someone else's husband (although that is a lie as I do fancy Mrs. Jolie-Pitt's husband and the future Mrs. Clooney's). It's more the skills that some of my friend's husbands possess that I envy...

The DIY Super Dad

I was at school pick up the other day and ran into one of the Dads. We'll call him Dave. Now Dave is a surgeon, and an excellent one at that, if my husband's new knee is anything to go by. He works all hours so it's unusual to see him at the school.

Dave said he was having a rare day off. I enquired as to how he had spent it, imagining that he had relaxed by pottering with his car (he can build engines as well as fixing knees), or perhaps sitting in his garden. But no. He had spent the day tiling a bathroom.

What sort of superman is he? It turns out that he can tile a bathroom, install a new kitchen, lay foundations, and if he still has time even run up a couple of curtains (these surgeons know how to use a needle).

Employing men to do a husband's work

Why didn't I marry someone like that? My husband's distinct lack of any DIY skills is blatantly evidenced at the moment by the small army of workmen we are currently employing to repair our dilapidated house.

Every morning I throw open the curtains to find another strange face at my window. I really must remember to put on some clothes before doing that. No wonder there seems to be a small queue of men milling around in the morning.

DIY disasters

I don't ever think I've seen my husband wield a paint brush, let alone a grouting tool. The only time he has ever ventured into any form of gardening, for example, came to an abrupt end when he borrowed our neighbour's hedge trimmer and cut through the cable.

The irony is that in a former life he was a Royal Engineer. I imagine that the entry criteria must have been very lax in those days. And I pity the poor soldiers who had to sleep in temporary barracks erected by him.

When I told my husband about Dave's accomplishments he simply grunted, "the only reason he does all that is because he's too tight to pay someone to do it." That may well be true, but for a brief moment last week, Dave was my latest "husband envy".

Now I wonder if George Clooney knows how to hang a new door?

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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