Is November Too Early to Start the Christmas Festivities?

I make no secret of being a Christmas devotee. Apart from the cost, I pretty much love everything about it, but one thing I especially look forward to is putting up the decorations and watching festive films...



Okay, I know it's still only November, but how can you not feel Christmassy once the shops have put up their decorations, festive scented candles are on the shelves, and the John Lewis advert has had its first TV airing?

Surely then, it's perfectly acceptable to indulge in as much teary sentimentality as possible, get out the mince pies and stick on a Christmas DVD?

Well, according to my seven year old daughter, it's not!

'Spoiling' the Christmas build up

When I gleefully suggested we should watch Polar Express the other day, her surprising reaction was "it's too early Mummy, you'll spoil the build up!" Spoil the build up? Me? I am the queen of the Christmas build up; how very dare she! The worst thing was, my husband agreed with her. I felt a little bit ganged up on, to be honest.

It doesn't matter that I've spent the last fortnight ordering expensive and pointless things from Amazon for other people, thus saving the pair of them the fate worse than death that is being dragged round the shops at the last minute. Oh no, they didn't think about that!

A Christmas compromise

So, feeling disgruntled, I settled on a deal with them. We would wait another week. My childlike eagerness would have to be reined in until at least the week commencing 17th November. Bearing in mind I've been known to sneak up a few decorations as soon as the last firework has fizzled out, this would not be easy.

But rein it in I did, and this week I've been making up for it. So far we have watched and recorded for later all three versions of A Christmas Carol (not the Muppets* one, even I'm not that desperate), A Miracle on 34th Street (both versions), Deck the Halls (lame, but only thing we could find), It's a Wonderful Life and, of course, Polar Express.

The decorations are down from the loft in readiness for this weekend and, seeing I had to wait, I've strung lights and a garland over the mantelpiece already.

With Stir-up Sunday being all over the press this week too, I also decided to get cracking with that, even though most of my family hate Christmas pudding.

When is it 'acceptable' to start celebrating Christmas?

It's all a bit confusing really. On the one hand, there's all that aggressive marketing and commercial stuff I always say I don't like but on the other hand, am I falling for all that by embracing Christmas earlier? Is the aforementioned making me do that, or is it just a genuine love of the festive season and all it stands for?

Damn it, I'm sticking to the latter. Talk about over think it. My family are just going to have to lump it - Christmas comes early in my world and that's that. November 6th it is. Final.

Maybe I should just leave the decorations downstairs to save a trip up to the loft next year? Hmm, perhaps that is straying into slightly dodgy territory!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

* The Muppet Christmas Carol is a favourite of many others at Tinies - Ed

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