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Karaoke with my Children

I am completely tone deaf. I am the one who you wish you weren't sitting next to at a wedding, because I can't sing a note, but it doesn't stop me from belting out a tune



I now think that I may have passed on this defunct gene to at least one of my sons, but like me it doesn't curb their enthusiasm for singing as loud as possible.

Singing in the car

And so one of my greatest pleasures as a mum is driving along in the car, with the iPod on full volume, listening to the kids singing along to whatever cheesy track I have playing.

Understanding the words?!

But being so young, they don't always understand the words (not a bad thing when they are listening to Eminem), and therefore come up with some great interpretations. For example, Lady Gaga's line "Caught in a Bad Romance" turns into "Caught in a Metro Man". I wonder what they think that means?

I also wonder how my (dreadful) musical tastes will influence theirs

Already they are following my lead, and requesting One Direction, JLS and Backstreet Boys, with a bit of Jonny Cash and Ian Dury thrown in for good measure. They are certainly not going to be considered cool if this carries on.

I think though that the rot had set it from when I was pregnant.

I ignored all of those books that advised you to play classical music to your unborn child. Instead mine were subjected to Don't Stop Moving by S Club 7 - on repeat. I think the die has been cast...

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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