Lack of Male Nannies & Mannies

"Mannies" are not just for celebrities. Having a male nanny, a male for children to look up to, can be a bonus to any family



The celebrity manny: There was a good article in the Daily Mail about male nannies. It always seems to take a celebrity story to highlight the advantages of hiring a male nanny. Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken in the past about the benefits, and now it is Keeley Hawes' turn.

Hiring a male nanny

"Mannies" are not just for celebrities. They can be a bonus to any family.

Male nannies are particularly sort after for families who have lots of boys, as they can do the rough and tumble, the football and the male bonding bit!

In the past at Tinies we have had a number of requests for a male nanny where there is no father on the scene, so that the children have a male role model in their lives.

Benefits of boys having a male mentor

The psychologist Steve Biddulph talks a lot in his books about the benefits of boys having a male mentor in their lives.

Lack of male childcarers

The difficulty is that there are just not enough men entering the nanny profession, or even becoming early childhood carers in nurseries and schools.

I believe they don't enter the profession for the following reasons:

  1. Poor pay - if they are going to be the main breadwinners then the pay is just not good enough
  2. Poor promotional prospects - one of the hardest things for nannies is career progression
  3. There is still some stigma about men wanting to work with children, which is crazy.

I would welcome more mannies to the industry

But until there is better recognition and pay for childcarers as a whole, we won't see a mad rush in the near future.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director, Tinies Childcare

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