The Adventures of Lamby: Lamby Turns 4, 5, 6....

As a member of the family, Lamby is entitled to a birthday party or five



The things we do for our children (and their soft toys)! I hope I am not alone in this - and please don't judge me - but, has anyone else ever thrown a birthday party for a soft toy?

Not long after my daughters 4th Birthday she told me that it was Lamby's birthday next week. And, she wanted to throw him a party!

The Guest List

'Ok' I said 'but who would he invite?' She'd clearly already given this some thought and reeled off the guest's names:

  • Her, of course.
  • Another of her favourite toys (Doggie).
  • Me
  • Her big sister plus her Minnie Mouse toy.
  • My sister and my parents - always to be relied on, on such occasions!!!

That evening I sat and wrote out 6 invitations (I didn't bother writing one for myself) and the next morning they were delivered!

The Shopping List

With preparation under way, that weekend we visited our local supermarket to get our supplies.

  • An array of various party foods.
  • A birthday cake.
  • Candles for said cake.
  • Paper plates.
  • Napkins.
  • All the other usual paraphernalia!

'Don't forget he needs a present!' said my daughter as we passed the toy aisle - her eyes lit up and I could see the wheels turning.

'What do you think he would like?' I asked, ushering her towards the cheaper toys.

'Definitely an L.O.L' she said triumphantly.

I couldn't believe my own ears as I heard myself say... 'OK, pop it in the trolley' - we then went on to choose a birthday card (as Lamby must have a badge) and some wrapping paper.

The Countdown

So, we counted down to the big day! When the girls came home from school that Monday the scene had been set - I had decorated the dining room with a lovely birthday party tea and hung bunting and balloons.

Lamby's guests started to arrive and like with all good birthday parties we played a few party games, danced to some music, watched Lamby "open" his present and cards (yes he had more than one!) and then tucked in to our food.

Then it was time for cake - a chocolate caterpillar (you know the one), with 4 candles, and a rendition of happy birthday in both English and once in Welsh - I must say he looked completely underwhelmed by it all.

'Did Lamby enjoy his party?' I asked my daughter later on. 'Yes' she said, 'He'll never forget it'.

5, 6, 7...

That was 6 months ago, Lamby is now 9... So you can work out he's pretty much had a birthday every month since. However, I am glad to report that he has not had to have a party every time. He did however gate crash my eldest daughters 7th Birthday Party the other week!

Kath, Mother of 2 children - and Lamby!

Stay tuned to read more adventures of Lamby next month as he gets up to more shenanigans.

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