London 2012: A Positive Message for All

Unless you've spent the last seven years stranded on a desert island, chances are you'll know that the Olympics have finally arrived in our great capital city for the first time since 1948



I admit that I felt more than a little cynical during the build up to it all.

London 2012 begins!

It all seemed so extravagant and the cost was always at the forefront of my mind. Had we not been in a double dip recession I'm sure I'd have got quite excited and carried away with the momentous occasion drawing ever closer, but seeing people struggle so much just to keep a roof over their heads and pay for food, utilities, childcare and fuel did put the dampers on it a tad.

But now it's here I've found myself quite absorbed by it all!

Fantastic opening ceremony

From the frankly fantastic opening ceremony (anything with Daniel Craig in it is a winner as far as I'm concerned) to the edge of your seat events, (isn't men's swimming interesting?), I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing and have really admired the attitudes of the participants and the professionalism yet bubbly excitement of the commentary team.

Go Team GB!

Team GB seem like a really tight knit bunch who look as though they offer genuine support to each other. In my book this is presenting a really positive image to children, especially those who perhaps haven't yet thought about getting involved in a particular sport.

Children and the Olympics

My own children have reacted really positively to the games, which I'm very happy about. With so much to look at there's something to spark interest in them both; gymnastics and horses for my daughter and swimming, boxing, archery and shooting for my son. And they get so excited when Britain win a medal of any colour!

With only one more event filled week to go I'm already quite sorry that it will all soon be over! What a turnaround in attitude and I know loads of others who feel the same. I think Britain should be proud of what's been achieved so far and how they've conducted themselves.

We can put on a fantastic show and present ourselves very positively to the world and this will hopefully leave a great legacy.

I'm quite looking forward to Rio 2016 now...

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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