Making Birthday Parties Memorable

With the speed of which birthdays whizz round, I'm always on the look out for new children's party ideas, particularly after the occasion of my son's 5th birthday



Y'aarrrr... Unforgiving audience

It started well, with thirty plus excited children piling into the pirate themed hall, but I couldn't work out why most of them appeared visibly jaded and unimpressed when Oscar the party entertainer bounced into the room, top hat and wand in hand.

It later transpired that Oscar had been wheeled out at no less than five other parties in my son's class alone! No wonder they glazed over, and poor old Oscar, having to face such a grim, unforgiving crowd!

In addition, it was very costly, which would have been fine had it been a huge novelty for the kids! Lesson learnt, I vowed to do my research better next time.

Knowing the right party theme

So, for my daughter's 6th birthday next week, having closely monitored the themes of all parties attended so far, and having done the girlie stuff in years prior, we have decided on a pizza party at a well known local restaurant.

Better still, it will be a small joint party for my daughter and her best friend so the organisation will be a lot easier.

I think keeping it simple and less costly is important for lots of parents at the moment and as long as the children have fun who cares if there's no entertainer, bouncy castle, cupcake mountain or retro sweets?

For a great price, the girls can spend two indulgent hours with ten of their friends, making their own pizza's and then eating them! Fancy dress optional. What's not to love? All that remains is to decorate the room with pink balloons and banners (with a couple of blue napkins for the token boys) and we're done.

Fuss free, no mess to clear away and well fed, contented kids. Fingers crossed!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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