Making Memories with my Daughter

Working term-time means Andy gets to spend the Easter holidays with his daughter. He reflects on the time they spent together



The Easter holidays could not have come quickly enough in our household. Exhaustion from work, lack of sleep, or, if you are my daughter - trying to plan her birthday party 5 (five) months in advance. Yes, 5 months. I am not entirely sure where she gets that from. Oh, maybe it's mummy, who tends to celebrate her birthday over the course of an entire year.

So what's the plan for this year?

Just before Christmas, I began working term-time only, which means the arrival of the Easter holidays has been my third school holiday with my family. 

The only difference this time around? It's just my daughter and me. My wife is taking 'one for the team,' by saving her annual leave to add to her upcoming maternity leave. (Yes, another little one is on the way). 

Two weeks alone with my daughter means that we can spend our priceless time as we please. 

As a family of two full-time working parents, we spend far too much of our time running around from A to B, so school holidays are a period for our daughter to spend real, quality time with her parents - only on this occasion, it's just daddy and daughter (hooray!)

Let the fun times begin...

Of course the three of us have fun together, but when daddy and daughter are left alone, we get up to mischief -  me more so than her.

If we want a lie in, we will stay in bed. So what if she demands a little bit of screen time before she has breakfast? Fancy a little bit of left-over Easter egg with your cereal? Yeah, why not. Tuck in. But make sure you eat 1000 blueberries and 37 bananas to counteract that.

Our second week of fun is now over but we had fun spending time in the local woods looking for witches and the Gruffalo, armed with a stick and a Disney Frozen rucksack.

A little walk to the bakery for our world famous 'Cake Club' is always a highlight. Okay, maybe it's not "world famous" since we're the only members. But it's still very exclusive. 

We have ventured to the library to pick up some new bedtime stories. 2 books, a babycino and a toasted tea cake later, we left happy.

Meeting mummy from work during her lunch break was great fun for us all. Well, other than my daughter's meltdown-in- the-park. Mummy and I wanted to make a little diversion to see the ducks in the lake prior to the park, but Little Miss Daughter was not having any of it. She knew the direct route to the park - and it didn't go by the lake. Mummy and Daddy stood firm and after a tense stand-off, we won. 

The outcomes of our holiday spent together

You can clearly see the excitement on her face as she receives more attention during school holidays. Except when we argue. Yes, we have argued. On the naughty step you go my little pickle. I'm sorry, but you just can't eat a creme egg on our brand-new sofa. 

My hairstyling skills have also improved dramatically. Although, my daughter is not entirely convinced yet - "Mummy do it properly, you don't".

Well, at least I should thank her for being honest.

Andy Robinson, Working Dad and Tinies Manny
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You made things so much easier at what could have been a bit of a stressful time finding childcare. Instead we had a great build up and a fantastic weekend.
Clarissa, Wiltshire