Maternity Nannies - Pros and Cons

My friend has just had a newborn baby, which is a total blessing (I can say that because I'm not having any more..!). This is her first baby, and so she has the joys of motherhood ahead of her



Hiring a maternity nurse / nanny

She asked me whether I thought she should get a maternity nurse or nanny to help her out just at the start.

I didn't have a maternity nanny for my boys

That is a hard question. I didn't have a maternity nanny for my boys, but as a director of Tinies I was lucky enough to have a number of people I could call up for advice, particularly as my own mother was not around.

I personally don't like having people that are not friends or family staying in my house. My husband and I like our private space, and to be honest at the end of the day I'm too knackered to talk to him let alone anyone else. So for me a maternity nanny wasn't right. However I know many people who have been fortunate enough to have maternity nannies and they swear by them.

Maternity nannies come in all different shapes and sizes

You have the cooing gentle types, who will love your baby as much as you do.

You will get the Mrs Doubtfire types who will do anything and everything, including sorting out your husband's sock drawer. And then you have the No-Nonsense types, who are there to whip "baby" and frankly you into shape.

They will have your baby sleeping through the night before you can draw breath – a must for mums who are taking short maternity leave and having to go back to work.

If you choose the right maternity nanny, they will be like a fairy godmother for the rest of your child's life. Obviously I would say go to an agency like Tinies to find a maternity nanny - we have some of the best on our books - but also see if any of your friends can recommend someone.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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Tinies Glasgow were outstanding, I received guidance, coaching and support beyond that which I expected and ultimately, they contributed to the happiness of me and my son because he's happy with his nanny when I'm at work, so I'm happy!
Sarah, Glasgow