7 'Adulting' Moments: When You Realise You're Getting Old

The process of becoming like my own parents has begun. In a light-hearted way, of course



This 'adulting' lark ages you

I often sit down (in my slippers) and wonder how quickly my first three decades have passed. I believe I am now adopting some very pensioner-esque traits. It feels like only yesterday I was eating a Mars Bar from the school vending machine... for breakfast.

I was a risk-taker

I now find myself eating tinned mackerels on toast... for lunch. Raver.

I am a parent, a house owner, a husband and a flat white coffee drinker. I feel I have now reached a stage in my life where the pendulum has started to swing toward drinking Bovril and wearing a purple coat from M&S.

Warning signs I'm getting older

1) I now watch Countryfile

I find it incredibly relaxing and a reminder of just how great our countryside is here in the UK. Imagine if I were in my 20s and refused to go out for a few drinks with my mates because I wanted to watch the show. 'Sorry lads, Countryfile is on. I am interested in how thatched roofs are made'

2) French press joy

Getting excited about drinking a fresh cup of coffee from my new cafetière is a new phenomenon in my world. I casually sipped on coffee as a youngster but as I have grown older I like to make it using machines and gadgets to personalise it. I even have a mug with my name on - an official 'old' stamp if ever there was one. Making a fresh cup of coffee from a cafetière in the morning is a feeling only boring, old people like myself know of. Magical.

3) Boring gifts the older you get?

Celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday and realising that in 18 years' time I will be receiving a gift card from my daughter to do some pottery. Yep. That is what we gave her as a present. Not a problem. Can't wait to receive that from my daughter in the year 2036.

4) Sensible drink choices

Realising I went clubbing in Ibiza over a decade ago and now drink water with elderflower. Pretty much all that needs to be said there. Water with elderflower is a refreshing alternative to Smirnoff Ice, though.

5) Changes age brackets

I came 8th in the 30-34 age category Parkrun. When did that happen? Since when do I fall into this age bracket? I feel as if I should still be in the 18-25s.

6) Still wearing my favourite jumper

Noticing that I still wear the same jumper I wore 5 years ago. My wife's cousin sent us a photo of my wife and me from half a decade ago. I wore the same jumper from that photo last Wednesday.

7) Comparing myself to footballers

Realising that if I still played football, I would be approaching retirement age. As I look at professional footballers of my age I see them enter their twilight years of playing. Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Lionel Messi are all beginning to show signs of age.

When I see a teenager making their debut for a club, it makes me worried knowing that he was born when I was eating that Mars Bar for breakfast.

Andy Robinson, Working Dad and Tinies Manny

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