Mother's Day 2012

Thanks Mum! Raise a glass to all those brilliant mums out there this Mother's Day



Spring has sprung! New lambs are walking unsteadily in the fields, blossom is breaking out on the trees and daffodils are shyly smiling up through dew soaked grass. What's not to love? This time of year is always so beautiful, fresh and full of promise.

Dates are steadily being crossed off the calendar:

  • Half term, check
  • Pancake Day, check
  • Parents evening, check
  • Mothering Sunday - oh, Mother's Day!

It always seems to creep up on me that one.

Not that I should be concerned, it is supposed to be about me after all. I shall just sit back, relax and let everyone else take control. Ha! Like that's going to happen. Too much to organise.

How does Mother's Day start...?

Usually, at about 8am (that's a lie in) the kids come and bounce on the bed, bringing with them a tray of delectable breakfast: toast and jam, a mug of luke-warm tea and some flowers picked from the garden.  (One year, back in the mists of time, I actually got a glass of bucks fizz, but to be honest it was a bit early for me and I felt slightly weird until lunchtime when I had an excuse to have another one).

After breakfast we then get ready and pick up my lovely mum, either for dinner at mine or my brothers' house, and we always have a really lovely, family day, with the main focus being my mum. She's done it all before and deserves to truly put her feet up and relax.

I confess to disliking the idea of lumping all your feelings into one day when they should be expressed evenly throughout the year; however Mother's day is a real chance to say thanks to our mums.

Saying thank you to all mums

Clichés aside, they are amazing. Always on call, a good mum props you up, listens and gives constructive advice.

So raise a glass to all those wonderful mums out there who are busy greasing the wheels of society and family life! Cheers!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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