My Son has a Girlfriend

That was actually supposed to be a secret. I'd been asked by my 12 year old son not to tell a soul that he has a girlfriend. But I'm guessing that approximately 5 people read my blog, and none of them know him. So I'm feeling pretty safe



His secret is safe

I suppose there is a possibility that his 'girlfriend' might read this. Or her friends. But as I don't talk about the Kardashians and I don't post pictures of kittens doing hilarious things, they are unlikely to stumble across it in their daily Google searches.

Therefore I feel I can share.

A change in attitude

The reason I'm so pleased is that until a few months ago, he swore blind that he hated the girls at school. He would literally swerve to avoid them, as if they had some awful disease.

Even his younger brother found his attitude to girls a bit weird. "Why don't you speak to any girls?" he once asked him. "Because they're dumb," came the answer. "Well then you'd have a lot in common with them," was his brother's cheeky reply.

Will you go out with me?

Then one glorious day a lovely girl at his school asked him if he would be her boyfriend. And he said yes.

That's all it took. If I'd known it was that easy I would have paid someone to ask him out a long time ago.

Of course his brother (who was in on the secret although god knows why as he is worse than me at keeping his mouth shut) was curious about that as well. "Did you like her before she asked you out?"


"But do you like her now?"


"I'm confused," said his younger brother. "Aren't you supposed to like the girl before you go out with her?"

I had to interject and point out that love can sometimes grow on you. They both looked at me as if I was talking about a tumour. Also the mention of the word love prompted them both to make vomiting noises.

And then the bubble bursts

So there I was, basking in the glory of my son being loved up, or whatever it was that he was feeling. Only for the bubble to quickly burst. Within 48 hours he'd been dumped.

Gutted. Well I was, whereas he was looking quite chipper about it.

Turns out that the reason he got dumped was because his girlfriend found out that some other girls liked him, and she didn't like the competition. She also wasn't too pleased at how chuffed my son was when he found out about the other girls. I can definitely see a certain swagger in his step these days.

So suddenly my son has gone from being Clarke Kent to Superman in the space of a week. And he's taking on all the hallmarks of a player.

As you can imagine, it's my husband's turn to be pleased.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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