Nannied on Nutrition - My Rant of the Week!

In the news this week, the topic of nutrition for the under 5s has been brought to the fore. It's being suggested that some parents may be feeding their young children a diet that is 'inappropriate for under five year olds' and more suited to older children and adults



I bet I'm not the only one exhaling a great big sigh of derision on hearing this?

Yet another 'government guideline' on how to run your life, pointing out what you're doing wrong and giving you something else to worry about.

Bristol University study

According to a study conducted at Bristol University, feeding you child a diet high in empty calories, fat, salt and sugar can cause obesity and even lower their IQ by up to 5 points! And they had to carry out a new study to tell us this? We know all that already! It's common sense!

If you feed your child junk it will make them fat and possibly stupid - we get it!

What I don't like is the continual bombardment of inane, repeat information delivered under the guise of helpful advice.

I do understand there may be certain groups of society that need this stuff pointed out to them but I can't help feeling that I'm being treated a bit like a disobedient school child when I'm told for the umpteenth time not to do this that or the other. It seems the government have very little belief in the capabilities of us grown-ups to do the right thing by their families.

Heathy diets for children

My kids have a very healthy diet but my daughter has a very sweet tooth so I have to be careful with her. If I let her, she would motor through every sweet thing in the house and eat fish, chips and tomato sauce every night!

Sometimes, instead of a chocolate biscuit, she'll get a carrot. Yes, she might moan about it but she soon gets on with it if she knows I won't budge.

They both have plenty of treats - pizza on a Friday, sweets when they're really, really good, ice cream at the park and as many e-numbers as they like on their birthdays. And guess what? They're both a healthy weight and have still got their own teeth. As for their IQs, I'm pretty sure they're doing okay.

Phew, that's better!

Off to have a glass of wine (if I'm allowed.) And... relax!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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