Nannies Rainy Day Activities for Children

Well as I'm sure we all agree August was a wash out! We had so many trips out and nanny dates planned, but I think we managed two of them due to the wonderful British summer weather and I am sure we ended up wearing our Wellingtons even then!



Indoor Play

With J being 2½, days being rained off has been a little challenging for me even as an experienced nanny.  It's not hard to think of indoor play but when their attention span at this age is about as long as their own arm you need a lot of activities at once!

Fairy stories

Imagination is playing a big part in our days together at the moment and fairies are taking the main role, which is wonderful to see but I am running out of ideas for fairy stories.  Luckily she seems quite happy with them being repeated.

Quality time with Mum

With J's new sister M being 13 weeks old mum wanted to spend some 1-2-1 time with J and left me to bottle feed M.  I could hear lots of fun and laughter from the kitchen where they were making "Pasta Robots".  It was good quality time for mum and J, but I'm not convinced that mum wanted purple painted hair!

Cake making

This week J wanted to make Peppa Pig cakes that she had seen in a magazine, and had been asking day after day…so Friday morning that's what we did... after a lot of mess and both of us ending up with pink hands from the food colouring we had "well handled" pink pig cakes, not the most attractive cakes and not our best tasting ones…But one very happy and proud 2½ yr old.

Hopefully September will be better weather and we can try out those new places that the rain had cancelled for us…

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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