Tinies - A New Era

You have to allow me a chance to be a tad nostalgic right now. As you will no doubt have seen, today we re-launched our Tinies website with updated branding and a more focussed approach to all the different services we provide



A whole world of childcare

There is so much that we do that we want to shout about, from the recruitment of childcarers by our excellent network of over 30 childcare agencies, to our provision of crèches and nurseries - both the mobile and the fixed variety.

We also offer the best childcare jobs, childcare training, nursery recruitment, emergency childcare, nanny screening services, a puppet show...

OK we don't actually offer a puppet show, but I'm sure we could if required.

The point being that we pretty much do it all - hence the strapline "A Whole World of Childcare".

And we won't stop there

You'll even start to see us in an IKEA store near you, as we are taking over the IKEA crèches from September 2013.

Apparently you can just "drop and shop" - sounds dangerous, but I assure you it is perfectly safe. And it's not just IKEA we have on our radar - we want to do more crèches and more nurseries, and we may, just may, start providing eldercare in the future as well.

In the beginning...

I have seen Tinies grow over the last 13 years - from the moment we bought the business back in March 2000. When I say "we" it was mainly the brothers Black (Ben and Ollie), and I just tagged along for the ride.

To be honest, I think the boys realised they couldn't run a childcare company when they a) knew nothing about childcare; and b) were single with no kids.

What they needed was an expert. They couldn't find one, so they got me instead. Well, I was a woman, and the balance looked better with two men and a lady as the owners.

I learnt the business from the bottom up, and I can honestly say I have loved it.

The journey continues

So it has been quite a journey. At the start I probably saw Tinies grow more than I saw my kids grow, but that is the nature of running your own business. And the kids have turned out OK.

Recently I have redressed the balance and passed on the reigns of running Tinies to the very capable Lindsey Doe, our Franchise and Crèche Director.

This leaves me with more time for my kids, although they don't seem remotely pleased to see me each day. I think they prefer hanging out with our nanny anyway - I do too as she is much more fun.


And the Oscar goes to...

All that is left to say on this auspicious day for Tinies is congratulations - to everyone who has worked hard in this business: the branches, the Tinies consultants and staff, Justin our brilliant website manager, our team of fantastic web experts at Sapnagroup, our designers at Orckid, Tamara, Lindsey, Francis and Jayne at Head Office, the Tinies Operations team, our Tinies nursery and crèche managers, and their staff. I'm bound to have forgotten someone...

But also thank you to all of you - our supporters.

Thank you to all the parents and childcarers who have registered with Tinies and worked for Tinies over the years.

We look forward to many more years working together to make the childcare industry a better place. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was my Oscar moment!

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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Tinies nanny agency in Herts was amazingly quick to find a temporary nanny and ring me with her details - 20 minutes!!! Reputation for stringent checks and having nobody but the best precedes them.
Jane, Hertfordshire