Open Letter to the Exhausted Mummy of our Daughter

This heartfelt letter from Andy to his wife reflects the challenges faced when combining being a parent and being an employee



Dear My Wife,

I saw that after only 5 months of being a mummy, you were not ready to return to the world of full time work - unfortunately, maternity pay dictated otherwise.

I saw you worry at the prospect of working Monday-Friday so soon after being introduced to our daughter.

I saw your heart cry out for more time with her.

I saw you reluctantly head back to work.

I saw that being a full-time mummy and a full-time worker was tough on your physical and mental well-being.

I saw your eyes begin to look at the floor as opposed to her or me.

I saw you become angry and frustrated at not being able to find a choice of toddler groups during weekends for full-time working parents.

I saw your tears.

I see your tired eyes in the mornings as I leave for work and you are left with the whirlwind of rushing her out the door to childcare.

I see you feeling guilty for going to work and leaving her with others, when all you want to do is see her smile.

I continue to see your heart cry out for more time with her.

I see your deflated face when you hear and see other mums building friend networks and arranging coffee mornings and play dates for their little ones. But you are at work.

I see your envious face when her grandparents describe the outing they have taken her out on, when it should be us. But we are at work.

I see your hunched back when you head to work Monday morning and I get to spend the whole day with our daughter.

I see the way you love her, but have little time to show it.

I see your shattered body walk through the door after a long day at work -- 12 hours after dropping her off at childcare.

I see you take a well-earned breather after work, even though I know you wish you had the energy to share a bath with her.

I see you try your utter best at being a mummy at weekends, but at times, I see your worn-out eyes unable to.

I see you thinking, "Is this it?"

I continue to see your heart cry out for more time with her.

I see you comfort her within the nest of your arms when she is upset.

I see the way she looks at you when you are simply with her.

I see how she snuggles up to you when she strolls into our room after waking up in the middle of the night.

I see her glistening face when you make her laugh.

So, it was a huge relief when I received a text from you confirming that your company have agreed your request for dropping a day, to enable you to spend more time with Little T.

I am looking forward to seeing the leftover mess from your baking day; the mud generated from your adventures; the amount of drinks she has spilt; the new words she has learnt; the new friends you have both made, and above all else, the smile on both of your faces, especially yours.

Enjoy that new day,


Your Husband

Andy Robinson, Working Dad and Tinies Manny

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