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Peace of Mind by Using a Nanny Agency

I was at a dinner this weekend and got into a conversation with a guest about hiring nannies. He was asking me about Tinies and whether we were worried about the impact of the economy on our business



I explained that the biggest threat to our business was the internet, and how parents are using websites such as Gumtree and Internet childcare sites to find their nannies.

He was amazed to hear this.

Hiring a nanny through the Internet

Being a father himself he could not understand why any parent would put their children at risk by hiring a nanny through the internet.

His wife had hired a cleaner through an internet site. The cleaner had produced what looked like genuine references and seemed lovely. Within a month, the wife's jewellery and money had been stolen and the cleaner had moved on to the next unsuspecting victim!

Faking credentials on the Internet

At Tinies, we do hear many tales from parents who have come to us after they have had horrendous experiences hiring nannies through websites. It is incredibly easy for someone to make up references, mock up a fake qualification, even produce a fake visa.

Unless you are trained to look out for these things, which we are, you may not suspect anything until it is too late.

Employment screening if hiring a nanny

We do understand that parents may not wish to pay an agency fee every time they hire a nanny, particularly if they are hiring a part time nanny.

That is why we have created a Nanny Employment Screening service. This can be used by parents who have found their own nanny themselves, but want that nanny to be screened and checked before they finalise employment.

We also provide payroll and legal advice.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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