Picnic Season Is Here!

It must be summer. Every time we go to the park my kids ask if we can take a picnic, so I've decided it's time to prepare. I can't wait!



For me, this means dusting off the old checked travel blanket and rummaging around in the back of the broom cupboard for the weather stiffened cool bag.

Then there's the job of pumping up last year's deflated football and hunting down the second tennis racket.

Creating precious memories

For me, few memories epitomise childhood more than those of warm, hazy days spent picnicking by the river, in fields, parks or even in the back garden.

The prickle of dry grass on the backs of your legs as you battle for your corner of the rucked up travel blanket, watching the boats go by or listening to the comforting thwack of leather on willow before lying back to describe what different animal shapes the clouds are. Heaven!

And everyone has a memory of their favourite picnic food too

Last year, in between ducking showers, I decided to go a bit up market by following the advice of a friend from Islington who told me that cold salmon en croute, goats cheese salad sprinkled with pine nuts, mini blinis, ice cold Chablis for the grown ups and pomegranate juice for the kids were the 'norm'.

So I loaded up the bag with treats from M&S (couldn't quite stretch to Fortnums, again 'the norm' with the Islington set apparently), and off we went. It was delicious but I felt like I had betrayed my childhood picnic memories and inflicted picnic snobbery on my own kids. It was just wrong, and it cost a lot.

Back to basics for our summer picnics with the kids

So this year tradition rules: ham sandwiches, sausage rolls, scotch eggs, Walkers crisps and warm lemonade are all back on the menu.

Kids love all that simple stuff; it's what memories are made of.

I can remember vividly an impromptu trip to the park with one of my mums picnics which contained ham sandwiches, marshmallow tea cakes, mini rolls and jelly snakes all washed down with Robinsons orange barley water. Happy days indeed!

Let's just hope the sun keeps shining!

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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