Pointless Celebrities

I have a bit of problem with today's obsession with the world of 'celebrity'. Even the word annoys me



If you look up 'celebrity' in the dictionary, it has various high ranking accolades attributed to it such as 'worthy', 'hero' and 'superstar'. Well, I'm sorry. Call me a miserable old cynic, but I certainly do not view Katie Price as worthy or heroic. I even struggle with 'superstar'. Star, yes, but super? Definitely not.


The word superstar used to be reserved only for people with genuine, God-given talent, and they really had to work hard to earn and keep their status. One shred of bad publicity or scandal, and it was hero to zero in less time than it takes to say 'career ladder'.

So when did it become acceptable to make vast amounts of money from having absolutely no talent whatsoever, behaving really badly, crowing about it on any TV, radio show or gossip mag that will have you, and be bestowed the title of celebrity?

Celebrity overload

Fair enough, if you buy into it and read celebrity magazines - that's up to you. What I object to is being force fed this rubbish against my will.

It seems like every time you switch on the TV or radio, or pick up a magazine, they are there, voicing their opinions, plugging some god-awful fitness DVD or waving their third enthralling no-holds-barred autobiography at you. 'You've read all about my tragic childhood and teenage years, now read all about my turbulent twenties.'

Worse still are the newspaper kiss and tell merchants; those prepared to ride roughshod over people's feelings and emotions to earn a quick quid. Then there are the 'let's air our dirty linen in public' brigade. Do we really need to know about yet another Loose Women panellist's pre-emptive strike to save her marriage? I think not.

Just being honest

Irritatingly, the whole talentless-celebrity-behaving-badly persona even appears to have developed its own tagline.

"Just being honest!" seems to have emerged as an excuse to be downright rude and insulting, as if it makes it okay to show no compassion for your fellow man. "He had a face likes a dog's backside and was a terrible husband and father. Just being honest!"

Bad role models for young children

It concerns me quite a bit that our kids view these Z-listers as cool or people to look up to in any way. The subliminal message here is that you don't have to work very hard or behave well to be rich and famous, just go out and act like a completely immoral idiot and it will all fall into your lap.

Please make it stop!

I'm not quite sure what can be done to stop all this from happening, but one thing's for sure; I would not miss pointless celebrities one tiny bit should they all disappear in an alien abduction this very evening.

Just being honest.

Jayne, Working Mum and Freelance Editor

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