Professional Nanny of the Year

My time as Professional Nanny of the Year has come to an end, and a new nanny has been nominated - congratulations to Julie Daniels. The award has meant a great deal to me. I have always wanted to be a nanny since I was very small and still feel that way now 10 years on!



I love every aspect of being a nanny as everyday is different... not always easy as every job brings its own challenges. But being a nanny is very rewarding and a role I love.

Winning the Award

I never dreamt that I could be the winner! When it was announced, my parents, sister and my employers (who had nominated me) plus their daughter were there at the Conference.

When they called my name as Professional Nanny of the Year 2009, I felt complete disbelief along with excitement, joy and shed a few tears inside. I could not believe that I had won an award for a job I am very passionate about and enjoy so much.

Celebrity feeling

In the following weeks I did many interviews with local newspapers, radio stations and children's education magazines. I did an interview with The Times newspaper who came and took photos of the children and myself in the park which was a great experience and a great memory to cherish.

I have written articles and been asked my professional opinion on media stories such as the EYFS. My thoughts and views have meant something and when you see your name printed in articles it is amazing.

One year on

This year has been amazing and I hope that it means more nannies are recognized within the industry for their hard work and dedication to the children and families they work for.

Personally I have really enjoyed it. Recently I was interviewed on BBC Radio as a Tinies childcare expert, alongside sleep expert Alison Scott-Wright, answering questions from callers on childcare related questions.

And I've also been interviewed by Practical Parenting magazine, as well as of course being the Tinies childcare expert blogger!

Katy Hayden, Professional Nanny of the Year 2009-2010

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The Tinies team responded straight away for requests for nannies with 2 CVs of strong candidates. The nanny we've hired has been brilliant with our children and Tinies have been very responsive and ready to answer any questions we have in a timely manner.
Matthew, High Wycombe