Red Nose Day 2013

Another year another red nose. Or it would be if I could find one to buy



I really don't get why the Comic Relief powers that be don't get all supermarket chains to sell Red Noses.

We don't have a Sainsbury's near us, but we do have about 4 Tescos. Surely if the idea is to raise as much money as possible you should be able to buy them anywhere?

Red noses sold in the school shop

Luckily I found out today that our School Shop is selling them. From past experience, I think we will need to buy a job lot. Last year we lost at least 2, and split at least 4. The Coxens are not renowned for their dainty noses - and the Red Noses are not designed for big conks!

There is also the obligatory cake sale on Friday, which as my readers will know, involves me going down to the shops to pick up a delicious cake that won't embarrass my boys because it's flat, wonky or inedible.

Do something funny for money

As a company, we have not yet come up with a good Comic Relief fundraiser that all Tinies branches and our large database of childcarers could get involved in.

I'm not the most creative soul, so I do struggle with ideas like this. Lying in a vat of baked beans isn't probably my thing, and probably not a good idea to do that with children (bound to be a safeguarding issue there).

Something we could do nationwide with our nannies, children and nursery settings would be great.

We would welcome any suggestions in time for next year, or even this year's Children in Need.In the meantime, Happy Red Nose day everyone.

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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You have shown great professional standards and always there to have a laugh too. I will be advising everyone in childcare looking for the next step to go to you guys.
Rob, Hertforshire