Sharing a Movie with Your Kids

I have to admit to being a complete movie addict. I love going to the cinema, and when I was on an exchange at a New York high school (many many many years ago), I used to bunk off school in the afternoons and sit and watch movies back to back



For some reason the American movie experience was so much better at that time than the English.

Passing on your passions to your kids

I am proud to say I have passed on this passion to my kids (minus the bunking off). We are first in line when the latest blockbuster comes out, and we always have to be sitting down, popcorn at the ready, to view the forthcoming attractions as well.

We are never content seeing a film once, and always buy the DVD when it comes out (we’ve still not got to grips with Netflix or LOVEFiLM in our house, and I still mourn the loss of Blockbuster in my area).

Watching uncomfortable love scenes!

My eldest has definitely inherited my passion, and is old enough for me to take him to movies like Skyfall. I even persuaded him that he wanted the Skyfall poster for Christmas, just so I can walk past Daniel Craig on the landing every morning.

He was very good about the love scenes (luckily not too racy in this Bond movie), and just hid behind his coat until it was over. However I dread the time when he is too old to go to the movies with his mum, or the time when we still love going together, but both squirm when the actors' clothes come off!

Is the latest Blockbuster suitable for kids?

We did take my youngest to see Iron Man 3 recently. Not being that good a parent, I forgot to check a) the rating for that movie or b) the trailer.

If I had I would have realised that it wasn't really that suitable for him. When the red-eyed people started springing up everywhere, we had to make a quick exit.

I did think my husband would do the right thing and offer to take our son outside whilst I stayed with our eldest. But he was heavily into his popcorn and Pepper Potts' cleavage, so he pretended not to notice.

For a lover of the movies, it was particularly hard for me to sit outside, but I made up for it by downing a Slush Puppy and a tub of Ben & Jerry's.

Will have to pre-order that DVD though...

Amanda Coxen, Working Mum and Tinies Director

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It was my 4 year old son's first experience of Tinies Kids Clubs. Photos on your website and planned activities, helped me help him prepare, so he was excited. He loved it. The staff, the range of activities, and making new friends. He could not wait to go back after the first day.
Mary, Middlesex, Holiday Club